We were looking for a lakefront home, but could not find anything with privacy that was anywhere close to affordable.  Then we came across Booth Island in Siltcoos Lake.  It turned out to be less expensive to buy lakefront property and build just the home we wanted on the island.  What started out as an adventure in Island Living became the best decision we have ever made.

 We are very fortunate to have lived full time on Booth Island for the past seven years.  It is almost impossible to describe the peace and quiet that takes over when we get into a boat and travel a few minutes to the island.  The forest engulfs us when we get to our home and the panoramic view of the lake and the forest land on the opposite shore only adds to the tranquility.
Since we also work from the island, it is very important to get back and forth to the mainland in just a few minutes.  Our enclosed boat allows total freedom to travel in all types of weather, day or night.  It is just a 5 minute boat ride to the mainland and then only a few more minutes to town.
The freedom to live a great lifestyle in this natural island environment is made possible by being able to produce our own power from (PV) photovoltaic panels.   Being “off the grid” is much easier than we expected and the benefits are huge.
Booth Island has truly been a dream come true!  We can’t imagine living and playing anywhere else.
Marv & Darlene Beckman
Wow, where do I start!  Living on the island has truely been an amazing retreat/experience.  We purchased our new lifestyle about 5 years ago and have never regretted it.  We are one of the lucky ones to be able to work from wherever we lay our fishing pole; therefore when we plan to come for a week or two, we inevitably stay 3-4 months at a time . . . we hate to leave!
The beauty and serene surroundings are breathtaking; the fishing is fun, the champagne cruises and ice cream cruises, and all the other different typs of cruises we take are like no other.  The best part of being on the lake is that we can be on it anytime of the day or night; rain or shine in our 26 ft. all enclosed pontoon boat.  Can't beat that with a stick!
We have a unique set-up here, like the Beckman's, we have power for our TV's, High Speed Internet: and VOIP and cell phones, so we still work with all the amenities required to do our jobs.  Yet, if we want all out rustic living and views, well we just walk a few feet from the house, and uvala we are there with the nature and critters and complete solitude.
Being off the grid and living on an island is a new thing for us, luckily we had the expertise of the Beckman's to guide and help us along the way.  And now that we are self sufficient, we too can be there for our new neighbors when they are ready to lay their fishing pole on this amazing island.
Your new neighbors,
Don & Sylvia Hines





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